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How Do I keep My Garage Warm During The Winter?

While fall is quickly approaching, we must start planning for the colder days ahead. Before you know it, winter will be upon us. Most of us have problems with keeping our garages a comfortable temperature during the winter months, but there are several things that you can do to make your garage a bit cozier.

With the proper planning, you can make sure your garage stays warm during the winter, so you don’t have to worry about damage from the colder temperatures. While you need to make sure you have insulation and weather-stripping, you should remember that will help keep the cold out of the garage, but not warm it up.

You want to use a safe approach to warm the area, so you aren’t causing a fire hazard. Sometimes your homeowners’ insurance has restrictions on your options, so if you use a kerosene heater, which isn’t a good choice for the space and is dangerous on many levels, you could risk losing insurance coverage.

Options for Warming Your Garage

While there are dozens of options for heating up your garage, here are some of the best choices out there. You will want to talk to an expert about which option would work best for your specific situation. You want to make sure you make the best investment for your specific situation and get your garage to a comfortable temperature.

  • Unit Heaters – Unit heaters are excellent choices for warming up the garage, and they take up very little space. You can choose between a gas heater or an electric heater. These are also economic choices and can be purchased from a variety of retailers.
  • Forced-air heaters – A forced-air heating unit will warm up a cold garage. These heaters are available in different sizes and different prices, and they are much more affordable than an infrared heat source. These heaters will work by sending hot air into the room, and with professional installation they can be connected into your home’s propane or natural gas lines. If you do woodworking in the garage, this might not be the best choice because it will blow around the sawdust and debris.
  • Convection heater – A convection heater is a versatile option that is either powered by electricity, propane, or gas. Air convection currents circulate through the unit then cross its heating element, heating up the air around you.
  • Ductless heating and cooling – There are many benefits to ductless heating and cooling. These systems are sometimes called multi-split systems, and because of their efficiency can save you some expense on your utility bills. Because they meet the strictest energy efficiency guidelines, they are eco-friendly. They are also the easiest systems to install.
  • In-floor heat – While many people want warm floors in their bathrooms, they also work well in other places, including the garage. If you use your garage for working on vehicles, in-floor heat will help keep your back, arms, and legs warm as well while you handle that vehicle restoration. An in-floor heating system is worth checking out.
  • Propane heater – Propane is an affordable heat source that provides great warmth. These are available in different sizes, so they suit different needs. They usually have an automatic setting, or you can opt for a manual ignition. They are mobile and affordable.
  • Electric ceiling panels – Electric ceiling panels are a great way to heat up your garage. These are panels that are one-inch thick and you mount them onto the ceiling of your garage. These are energy efficient, heating up fast and cooling down quickly. These function well, and they also look good.
  • Mounted electric heater – You may want to look at your options for a mounted electric heater. Larger than a portable space heater, a wall-mounted electric heater is among the best ways to heat a garage during the winter. These are usually 240-volt hard-wired units, and they are usually easier to install than a forced-air heating system.
  • Portable space heater – Heaters that are used to heat a cold room in your home, traditional portable space heaters, are also great for the garage as well. It is a great way to supplement any existing heat source and can help you warm up an area quickly.

When you choose the right heat source for your garage, it can serve you well for years to come. Talk with a professional who handles heater installations, so you can make sure your heating system is installed properly and will work safely.

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