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Maintain a Healthy Indoor Air Quality

When many people think of air quality, it’s the outdoors that comes to mind. Large-scale pollution, allergens, and other things that affect the air we breathe are visible and apparent outside. What about inside our house? There are particles that can cause poor indoor air quality inside our homes. Some of them can even be scentless and invisible. Let’s figure out the best ways to improve our indoor air quality.

Understanding and identifying sources of contaminants can help ensure your home is safe. Even the cleanest homes have dust, mold (even if you don’t see it), and other indoor pollutants. So what is the best way to filter these harmful substances?

  1. Eliminate moisture substances – When there is moisture, there is the opportunity for mold. For any high moisture areas, make sure they are properly taken care of. If you have any minor plumbing leaks, it is good to address them right away. Mold can be dangerous. And mold spores in the air can be harmful.
  2. Good housekeeping – If you do find mold, make sure it is cleaned as soon as possible. You can use 10% bleach and 90% warm water or contact a professional company. Other good housekeeping tactics include vacuuming carpets on a weekly basis and keeping towels and linens regularly cleaned.
  3. Ventilate properly – Circulation of air throughout your home is important. Make sure that your ventilation systems work properly. A quick tip that we tell homeowners is to keep their exhaust fans in their kitchen and bathrooms clean of any dust to have them work at maximum efficiency.
  4. Air filters – This is a big one. You should be changing your air filters on a regular basis. Your filters capture unwanted pollutants and dust particles. Golden West changes air filters for homeowners every single day. If you choose to change them on your own, make sure to dispose of them properly so the particles in the filters do not get back into the air.
  5. Cleaning agents, paint, and other chemicals – We have all used strong smelling cleaning agents or painted inside a house. Make sure that these are tightly sealed when you are done using them. If there is a strong odor in the house, open the windows.
  6. Fireplaces, space heaters, and gas stoves – These can be problematic if they are not vented outside properly. It’s important to do a self inspection to have a professional inspect these on a regular basis.

Our Commitment at Golden West Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning

At Golden West Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning, we’re fully committed to keeping our customers safe. We always advise our customers to use best practices when it comes to keeping their air quality at a healthy standard. Give us a call and we would be happy to assist with any air quality needs!

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