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Tips for Unclogging a Garbage Disposal

A garbage disposal is a great asset to your kitchen, but if it gets clogged, it can become a real hassle to fix. You need to know how to properly and safely unclog a garbage disposal and also know what to do in order to avoid a clog.

Avoiding Garbage Disposal Clogs

By being proactive and watching what goes down the drain, you can reduce the risk of a garbage disposal clog.

  • There are several items that you should never put down your drain. Manufacturers indicate that you should not let fibrous products, starchy products, eggshells, grease, or oil go through a garbage disposal.
  • When you use a garbage disposal, let the water continuously run through to clear any debris.
  • When you are disposing any food waste, be sure to do so in small batches.
  • Clean your garbage disposal on a regular basis. You can use a combination of vinegar and baking soda to clean the garbage disposal.

How to Unclog a Garbage Disposal

Here are a few tips for safely addressing the problem and getting your garbage disposal functioning again:

  • Unplug the garbage disposal. For your safety, it is crucial to have your garbage disposal unplugged when fixing it.
  • Get a flashlight so you can see inside the drain. You may be able to see the cause for the clog, such as a dropped utensil, a bone, a chunk of food, or something similar. You may be able to get access to the clog and remove it with pliers or a kitchen tool like a  narrow tong.
  • If the clog still persists and you’ve safely cleared the drain, you might need a sink plunger. Take a plunger to try to loosen up the clog in the garbage disposal drain. You may need to spend several minutes plunging the garbage disposal drain. Put the plunger directly over top of the sink drain, making sure that the plunger has the drain completely covered.
  • Lift the plunger and look to inspect the water flow. If there is still a clog, repeat the process multiple times to try to release the clog from the garbage disposal.
  • If the garbage disposal is still clogged, call a professional plumber. A plumber will know how to proceed with the clog removal and has the tools, skills, and equipment needed to get the clog out and your garbage disposal functioning again.

Establish A Relationship With A Plumber 

You should establish a good working relationship with a licensed plumber in your area. A qualified plumber can make sure that your garbage disposal is properly maintained and operating as it should. If you are located in the Denver metro area and your garbage disposal is clogged, call Golden West Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning  to schedule a visit. We will troubleshoot your problem and make sure it is properly addressed. Our team is highly qualified and has experience replacing hundreds of garbage disposals each year.

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