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What To Do Before A Boiler Installation

Investing in a new boiler and having it installed is a pretty big process. Getting a new boiler can be a relief, especially if you depend on it for heating your home or for hot water. It’s important to be prepared for the project. Below are a few things that you should do before having a boiler installed in your home:

  • First, ask the installer what to expect. Companies use different processes and protocol. You should ask if they will provide exact dates and times for work, or if you will simply be given a window for installation. Find out if they will need to access specific parts of your home or if they need access to utilities. You want to properly prepare in advance. By understanding the needs of the installer, and how they plan to approach the job, you can make sure the job is handled more efficiently and effectively. It also brings some peace of mind when you have the correct expectations for the job.
  • You will need to clear the area. Make sure that the hallways and access doors to the boiler room are cleaned out so the installers have plenty of room to work. You need a clear path to the boiler room as well. You don’t want to delay the installer, and you want them to be able to easily access the area and get the new boiler and parts in there with ease.
  • You will not have basic utilities like water and electricity  during the removal of the old boiler and the installation of the new one. You should be prepared for this before work is started. This means you should be showered or bathed, your meal prepared, and so forth before the installation experts arrive. It is also recommended that sensitive electronics, such as computers be shut down before power is cut. Make sure everything that could be damaged by a sudden power outage is properly turned off before the utilities are shut off.
  • If your space is tight, or if you have concerns about damage to your landscaping, you should create a staging area for the technicians. This could be an area that has been cleared out or a drop cloth laid out on the lawn to protect the area. The installer will need space to lay out tools. Drop cloths are helpful between the boiler room and entrance door. Be sure to tape down any drop cloths so they are not fall hazards. Sometimes the staging area is in a carport or on a driveway. It just depends on where your boiler is located and how it will be accessed.

Hire a Company with Boiler Experience

Your boiler is a stand-alone appliance connected to an existing system in your home. The most important part of having a new boiler installed is hiring a licensed and experienced technician who is skilled in boiler repair and installation. Take the time to ask the technician any questions that you may have regarding the installation process and the boiler itself.

Your technician will visit your home before the installation and check the entire system. At that time, your technician will be able to recommend the right kind of boiler and determine how to approach the job. That way, he or she can properly plan the installation process. Your technician will make sure that your new boiler is more effective and more efficient.

This process may involve the primary and secondary piping. The thermostat may also be relocated. Because heat rises, having a thermostat on a top floor can leave the lower levels cold. But if your thermostat is on the lower level, the upper levels can get too hot. Your technician will know the best approach to take and where to put the thermostat for optimal results.

Installing a new boiler can improve your home’s overall comfort level and your utility expenses. If you think it is time to upgrade your home’s boiler, call Golden West Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning and we’ll be able to help you out!

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