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Why is My AC Running Constantly?

On the hot days you have your air conditioner turned on. While it should kick on to get to the desired temperature, you notice that it isn’t kicking off. Instead, your AC is running constantly. While it is normal for your AC to stay on non-stop when the temperature is extremely high – such as in the 90s and higher so it can keep the house comfortable despite all the heat – there are times when you should be concerned.

You need to familiarize yourself with your unit and be able to recognize problems. If you have a problem, you will want to call for service right away before the problem worsens. Your technician will be able to recognize any changes in the unit and address the issues promptly and properly. When you have a dependable HVAC technician that you can count on, you can make sure your unit is working up to speed and you can make sure that you get the maximum lifespan from the unit.

If your AC is running non-stop and the room temperature isn’t comfortable, then you need to call your HVAC repair service. When the unit keeps running and your home hasn’t reached the desired temperature, you have an issue that is keeping the system from properly delivering the desired results. There are several different causes for such problems. Here are some of the possibilities:

  • Your AC system requires a certain level of airflow to properly cool your home. If the airflow gets restricted or blocked, the AC unit will run longer and work harder. If you have cool airflow, but at weakened amounts coming from the vents, then it could be a sign of restricted airflow. This could be the result of a dirty air filter, disconnected or leaking ducts, or blocked and closed air vents.
  • Another common cause for these problems is a dirty evaporator coil in the inside unit. This makes it challenging for the coolant or freon to absorb the heat from the hot air. You an also have the same problem if you have dirt building up on the condenser coils on the outside unit. Either of these situations will leave your AC struggling to remove heat from your house. Check to see if there is visible dirt on the coils and if the air coming from the vents is either warm or not as cool as it should be. Make sure you schedule routine maintenance so an AC professional can make sure the coils are cleaned.
  • If your system’s refrigerant level is lower than it should be, the AC unit will struggle to reach the desired temperature and then it will run non-stop. You can check for the signs that are associated with this issue, such as a hissing or bubbling noise, warm air from the AC vents, and ice buildup on the unit’s exterior or on the refrigerant line. You will need an AC technician to check the unit, find any leaks and repair them, then add more refrigerant.
  • And yet another problem is having an AC unit that is too small for your home. Having an undersized unit is an issue because the system will run non-stop and still not meet the cooling demands of your residence. If you have an evaporator coil that is frozen because the pressure on the inside unit is too low, or if you have normal airflow expelling from your vents but your home never reaches the desired temperature, it may mean that need that you need a larger unit.

Routine Maintenance is a Necessity

You need to establish a relationship with a dependable AC repair company that serves your community. When you schedule routine maintenance, you can help prevent problems and avoid situations that can be stressful and uncomfortable. Your technician can catch many problems before they worsen and will also be able to tell you if you need a larger unit, or if your unit has about reached the end of its lifecycle.
A qualified HVAC technician will be able to check your system thoroughly, determining if it needs repairs, and if it needs to be recharged with freon. By thoroughly inspecting your system and cleaning it, you can rest assured that your unit is in the best operating condition and that it will provide you quality results. If your system isn’t operating as it should, or if it is time for your routine maintenance for your HVAC unit, call to schedule an appointment today.

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