Air Conditioning Installation

Air Conditioning Installation Services Near Denver, Aurora, and Arvada CO

Summers in Denver, Aurora, or Arvada can be very hot, up to 300 days of sunlight a year. In such conditions, air conditioning becomes a necessity. To get the best air cooling solutions, the placement of the air conditioner actually matters. The size of the home should also be considered.

Golden West Air Conditioning, the air conditioning experts, has been serving the community for years. We can help you decide what kind of air conditioner you should invest in, and even install it for you.

What Factors Have To Be Considered When Installing Air Conditioners?

Here are a few things that should be considered when investing in an air conditioner.

Cooling capacity

British Thermal Unit/Hour is a unit that measures how much an air conditioner will cool. The higher the BTU, the better the cooling.


Warranty is very important. The warranty will protect you if your unit stops working properly or shuts down completely. But to get this warranty, the air conditioner may have to be installed by a qualified HVAC technician.


Cheap air conditioners will make a lot of noise. It is worth investing in an air conditioner that is a little more expensive but makes no noise.

Energy efficiency

The minimum SEER rating (energy efficiency) now allowed is 13. Look for a SEER rating of 13 or more when you are buying an air conditioner. The higher the SEER rating, the better it is for you.

Where should your air conditioner be placed for best efficiency?
  • Keep your air conditioner's external unit away from sunlight. The more sunlight falls on it, the harder it will have to work.
  • Consider which room you want to be cooled the most and place your air conditioner in that room. To cool an entire house, you would need a powerful central air conditioner.
  • Keep the air conditioner at a place which has a certain height. Some air conditioners make a lot of noise and you would not want it to disturb your peace.

Make sure that wherever the air conditioner is installion is in your Aurora, Arvada or Denver CO home, you leave space to perform maintenance and repair. The new air conditioner you install must have the label for the refrigerant charge and the airflow rate that the manufacturer has specified. If it seems like a tad bit too much, contact Golden West and we will take care of all these details.

Install Your Air Conditioner Today

Only someone who has received sufficient training should attempt the air conditioner installation. If you want an air conditioner installed in your Denver, Aurora, or Arvada home, contact Golden West Air Conditioning today. Get discounts for any service undertaken by Golden West. So what are you waiting for? Call Golden West today.