Air Conditioner Replacement


Air Conditioner Replacement and Repair in Denver and Aurora CO

If your air conditioner stops working properly in the Denver, Aurora, or Arvada heat, you are in for trouble. There are many reasons when the replacement of an air conditioner becomes necessary. If you are seriously looking to getting rid of the old air conditioner and installing a new one, you should give Golden West Air Conditioning a call.

Golden West is Denver's foremost expert in air conditioning services. We can install, repair, maintain, and replace all brands of air conditioners.

When Should You Think About Air Conditioner Replacment?

Here are a few reasons why you may have to replace the air conditioner in your Denver, Aurora, or Arvada home or office.

To improve comfort

You can consider replacing your old air conditioning system if it is no longer providing adequate cooling or if it is making a lot of noise. Rather than spending a lot of money on repairing it, add a little more to it and you could buy a new air conditioner.

Energy savings

To determine how much money you could save by getting an energy-efficient air conditioner, look at the SEER rating (Seasonal Energy Efficient Ratio). Central air conditioners should have an energy efficiency of at least 13. Those that are labeled Energy Star must have a rating of 14. A SEER 13 air conditioner can save you more than $700 per year, compared to a SEER 10 air conditioner.

Your current air conditioner needs repairs frequently

Not only will your energy bills go up, but you will also end up paying money on repairs that you could have saved. An old air conditioner will also cause humidity problems. If the equipment is not operating efficiently, or if the ductwork is leaking, the air can get dry in winter and humid in summer.

Also, note that older air conditioners use a refrigerant that destroys ozone. Air conditioners using R-22 can no longer be manufactured, as regulated by the Environment Protection Agency.

Air Conditioner Replacement Availible Today in Denver CO

You can get a lot of benefits by replacing your old air conditioner. If you are living in Aurora, Arvada and Denver CO and you need air conditioner replacement, you can call Golden West today. You can contact us on. We are fully insured and licensed. You will receive all quotes upfront. And the best thing is that we are available seven days a week. Call us now!