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What is a heat pump?

If you live in a climate like Denver, Colorado, a heat pump can be an excellent way to efficiently heat and cool your home. A heat pump essentially shifts warm air from one area to another. It usually consists of an indoor air handler and an outdoor component that utilizes a compressor to absorb and […]


Why is My AC Running Constantly?

On the hot days you have your air conditioner turned on. While it should kick on to get to the desired temperature, you notice that it isn’t kicking off. Instead, your AC is running constantly. While it is normal for your AC to stay on non-stop when the temperature is extremely high – such as […]


FAQs About Replacing HVAC Systems

Your home needs a dependable HVAC unit that efficiently uses energy to keep your family comfortable. Before you replace your HVAC unit, or have repairs made to your existing HVAC system, you will need to have some questions answered. When you talk with your HVAC professional, he or she will be able to help you […]


Where Are My Air Filters Located?

All central heating and cooling systems have an air filter, but the location of the filter can vary from one unit to another. Most air filters are relatively easy to locate, but others can be somewhat difficult. Below is a quick  guide to assist you when locating your air filters. On HVAC systems with  a […]


The Importance Of Duct Cleaning

Some homeowners may be breathing air that’s as contaminated as the air inside an automotive workshop and not even know it. Maintaining indoor air pollution requires vigilance, good housekeeping, and occasionally, the help of an HVAC professional. In some instances, the air quality in the home can be drastically improved by duct cleaning. Duct cleaning […]

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