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Maintain a Healthy Indoor Air Quality

When many people think of air quality, it’s the outdoors that comes to mind. Large-scale pollution, allergens, and other things that affect the air we breathe are visible and apparent outside. What about inside our house? There are particles that can cause poor indoor air quality inside our homes. Some of them can even be […]


Tips for Unclogging a Garbage Disposal

A garbage disposal is a great asset to your kitchen, but if it gets clogged, it can become a real hassle to fix. You need to know how to properly and safely unclog a garbage disposal and also know what to do in order to avoid a clog. Avoiding Garbage Disposal Clogs By being proactive […]


6 Signs Your Water Heater is Failing

Hot water heaters are one of the most consistently used pieces of equipment in the home. Even when you’re sleeping, your water heater is working to keep several gallons of water hot and ready. Most water heaters tend to last between 8-12 years under optimal circumstances. It’s important to have an understanding of what to […]


Why Is My Toilet Leaking At The Base?

A toilet leaking at the base is a common problem. If you notice your toilet is leaking at the base, you definitely should not use it until it is fixed. Unsanitary dirty water can spill out onto your floor. The water most likely from the bowl.. This water could have an unpleasant odor, and it […]


What To Do Before A Boiler Installation

Investing in a new boiler and having it installed is a pretty big process. Getting a new boiler can be a relief, especially if you depend on it for heating your home or for hot water. It’s important to be prepared for the project. Below are a few things that you should do before having […]

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