Plumbing & HVAC Spring Cleaning Checklist for Denver Homeowners

Despite the recent snows, spring is officially upon us here in Denver, with the weather slowly but surely warming up. As the snow melts and the flowers start to bloom, it’s time to shake off the cobwebs and tackle the spring cleaning. Already powering through your spring cleaning checklist? Feeling overwhelmed just thinking about it? […]

What is Tree Root Intrusion? | Signs, Causes, Treatment, and Prevention

What is root intrusion? Root intrusion occurs when tree roots infiltrate plumbing pipes. Tree roots seeking water, heat, and nutrients will grow toward plumbing pipes. Over time, the growing roots put pressure on the pipes, eventually cracking and growing into them. At first, root intrusion is virtually unnoticeable — at least, until the roots multiply. […]

How Does a Video Sewer Pipeline Inspection Work?

What is video sewer pipeline inspection? As its name suggests, a video sewer pipeline inspection uses video technology to inspect the condition of an existing sewer pipeline. This could be the sewer line that connects to the mainline on the street that runs to the local wastewater treatment facility. Or it could be individual pipes […]

Why Is My Water Bill So High? 4 Potential Causes

Unlike most things in life, your water bill should be relatively stable and predictable. A sudden spike in water charges could indicate anything from lifestyle changes to a major water leak. Wondering why your water bill is suddenly so high? We’ll explore 5 potential causes and their solutions later in this article. But first, let’s […]