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Drain Cleaning and Replacements in Denver CO

Have a backed up drain or a toilet that will not flush? Is there a foul smell in your basement or garden? When there's a sudden change in the weather conditions, like heavy rainfall or very cold temperatures, drain and sewer line problems are very common. Problems like these are almost certain to cause a major headache to you, not to mention a lot of financial stress. Drain cleaning issues are not uncommon in the Denver area, and at Golden West, we are experts at saving you from the inconveniences that a broken drainage system can cause.

Solutions to Common Drain Issues in Denver

In cold regions like Denver, drain and sewer problems can be caused for many reasons. These include:

Debris or foreign objects: The flow of water in drains and sewer pipes is downhill, so incorrect installation of pipes can lead to build-up of debris and particles that can eventually block your pipes. Pipe damage can also be due to tree roots, and a detailed investigation is required to rightly identify the exact cause. Using a plunger can be a temporary fix, but without professional drain cleaning assistance from Golden West, you may face even bigger problems in the future.

Heavy rains: Heavy downpours can result in dirt and other particles clogging the drain pipes. This can damage your property by flooding.

Poor plumbing: With the rise in DIY plumbing installations across Denver homes, there is an increased number of poorly-installed drain and plumbing pipes. Only a professional with a complete understanding of the drain replacement and plumbing process can ensure that you will stay clear of sewer issues in the long run.

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A majority of drain pipes are underground, and it may be necessary to open the damaged area and repair the pipe. However, with the advent of trenchless repair methods, it has now become possible to replace pipes without damage to the surrounding areas.

Typically, the problem area is identified by running a camera through your sewer lines and evaluating the level of damage. Then, new polyurethane pipes are pulled through the old ones via two access points where the pipe begins and ends. Then, the old pipe is destroyed, and the new pipe will take its place.

The professionals at Golden West are experienced in drain replacement and will help identify and repair your drain problems in the Denver area.

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