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How to Select a Water Heater for Your Denver Home

Water Heater Repair in DenverWater heaters can be divided into multiple categories. Depending on the source of power, you can divide them into solar water heaters, electric water heaters and gas water heaters. Depending on the storage, you can divide them into storage water heaters and tankless water heaters.

Solar water heaters use solar energy to heat water. The initial cost will be higher than a conventional water heater, but it is a one-time investment. Energy from the sun is free. Solar water heaters will reduce your water heating bills significantly, which will eventually offset the higher cost of installing a solar water heater.

Electric water heaters are the most affordable types of water heaters. These heaters are not fueled by oil or gas and they do not need venting. Their maintenance needs are lower and the water is quickly heated.

Gas water heaters have a higher upfront investment, but their operation costs are low. You can improve safety by venting them outdoors. Unlike, electric heaters, power outages do not affect them.

Storage water heaters contain a tank which must positioned in a basement, closet or garage. The heating efficiency depends on the model, brand and source of fuel. Tankless water heaters are more expensive than storage water heaters, but they do not take up much space

Golden West Plumbing, Heating & Air conditioning is proud to say we provide water heater repairs, services, and tune ups.

Water Heater Installations, Repairs, and Replacements in Denver CO

There are many brands and models of water heaters available in the U.S such as Noritz, American Standard, Steibel-Eltron, USCraftmaster, Bosch and more. A water heater should be installed or repaired only by a licensed professional. The good news is, Golden West Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning undertake water heater installation, repair and replacements in Denver.

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A water heater is an essential piece of equipment for any home. Winters in Denver are very cold. Bathing in hot water can be therapeutic in such conditions. To learn more about water heater installation, repair and water heater replacement in Denver, contact Golden West Plumbing, Heating and Air conditioning today. You can call us at 303-647-6663.

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