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Denver air conditioning servicesAir conditioners are not an option, but a necessity in modern homes. But with constant use of AC units comes the need for timely air conditioning repairs. Without care and repairs, not only can the AC units become damaged, but it can also increase your electricity bills. Residents of the Denver Metro area and surronding areas such as Golden and Englewood, CO have been calling Golden West for installation, repairs and various kinds of HVAC services.

The importance of air conditioning tune ups

It is really important to maintain AC units, so that they run well and last a long time. Annual checkups and repairs can keep your AC units in top working condition. A clogged filter when not repaired on time can mean damage to the machine. A leaky condensation pipe can damage the wall where the AC has been installed or the floor where the water from the leak drops. It can also damage the AC.

A family in Golden hired us to repair their AC that had suddenly stopped working. Our repair work unearthed that the AC unit was neglected and thus damaged and clogged with dirt, dust, insect nests and mold. A regular AC checkup could have eliminated this problem. Our HVAC technicians cleaned the AC unit thoroughly and repaired the system. For another family in Englewood, we performed emergency repairs on the AC as it had stopped working in the middle of a hot summer afternoon. Our technicians had to change the filters as there was extensive damage to it because of pollutants as well as replace a few minor parts. Since our trucks are well stocked with parts we were able to get the unit back up and running the same afternoon and at minimal cost.

Air conditioning services by Golden West

At Golden West, we provide all types of air conditioning services. From AC installations to repairs, our technicians are trained to handle all HVAC-related tasks with ease. We repair all types of AC units and provide our clients with an upfront cost to all our services. We are available for repair work all days of the week and no extra charges for weekend work.

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