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Scholarships for Students

Golden West Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning is fully committed to the communities we serve and the development of local families. We have developed a program to help students pursue their educational goals. This program is open to students throughout the U.S.A. At Golden West Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning we feel strongly about supporting the communities we serve throughout Denver and Lakewood with our plumbing services and equally proud to help students across the country.

Eligibility for the Golden West Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning Scholarship

If you have an interest in engineering, home design, or home improvements such as plumbing, heating or air conditioning you are eligible to apply for our scholarship program. Eligible students can reside in any state. The program is NOT limited to just Denver, Lakewood or Englewood. Whether you are from Littleton, Aurora or any of the local towns in this great country we would like to hear from you about your educational goals.

Win a $1000 Scholarship

We are offering one $1000.00 scholarship each year to help with college or trade school tuition. Applications should be completed by November 30th of each year in order to be eligible for receipt of the scholarship for the spring semester of the following year (typically January). On the scholarship application form please tell us about:

  • 1. Where you want to go to school
  • 2. What you will be studying
  • 3. Why you are interested in home design, architecture, engineering, plumbing, heating or air conditioning
  • 4. How the scholarship will help you pursue your goals
  • 5. Please keep your essay to about 500 words (do not exceed 600)

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