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Why is My AC Running Constantly?

On the hot days you have your air conditioner turned on. While it should kick on to get to the desired temperature, you notice that it isn’t kicking off. Instead, your AC is running constantly. While it is normal for your AC to stay on non-stop when the temperature is extremely high – such as

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Common AC Problems: A Guide for Denver Homeowners

Spring has sprung in Denver! Residents throughout the Mile-High City are catching up on their spring cleaning checklists and shaking off the cobwebs after a long, harsh winter. Spring is the perfect time to book your AC tuneup before the sweltering summer temps hit. But even with proper maintenance, things happen. Your air conditioner isn’t invincible, of course —

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Why Is My Air Conditioner Leaking So Much Water?

Noticed your AC leaking? Before you start frantically searching the internet for solutions to a leaking AC, consider where the leak is located. If your AC is leaking outdoors, you might not need to worry. Some water leaking from the outdoor unit is normal. In fact, this actually indicates your AC is working as intended!

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